Bad stuff always happens to other businesses … other people … until it’s your turn and then it happens to you!

WP Security Workshop – affordable security solutions for your WordPress website

Protection for your website from just $1.00 a day because prevention is cheaper than the cost of repairing your website!

You have a problem right now!

If your business or personal website is built on WordPress then hackers are probing your website, looking for a way to break in.

They don’t want what’s in your website … that’s not what they are looking for.

They want to put nasty stuff into your website and if they succeed it could destroy your business and your reputation.

What are you doing about it?

Google finds around 100,000 hacked websites every month and your site could be next.

Keeping hackers out of your website is your responsibility so what are you doing about it?

Have you got security in place to block those relentless attacks by hackers?

Are you monitoring your WordPress website every day?

Do you have the time to check your website every day?

Are you keeping your plugins, theme and WordPress core updated?

You need to be as relentless as the hackers

If you have a website then you’re engaged in a never-ending battle against hackers who want to gain control of your website.

It’s not enough to have security plugins installed in your WordPress website and think that you can leave it to them to block every hacker that comes along.

You have to be as relentless as the hackers and monitor your site daily because no security plugin will catch everything and the latest tactics used by many hackers are beating automated security.

So do you have the time and the experience to keep hackers out?

WP Security Workshop is your affordable security solution

We are the affordable security solution for your WordPress website.

Here is what WP Security Workshop can do for you:

We use real, experienced staff to monitor your website daily. Our real humans are supported by automated systems that monitor your website 24/7.

We keep the backend of your website updated.

We monitor your incoming traffic for the small, tell-tale signs that automated security solutions miss, that tell us that someone is trying to hack into your website.

We take the appropriate action to keep those hackers out.

We keep daily backups of your database and monthly backups of your website so that we can quickly have you back online if a hacker does sneak through your defences.

And we’re there for you 24/7/365

What you don’t want people to see

You don’t want anyone to see something like this when they visit your website … but that is what they will see if Google finds that your website has been hacked

WP Security Workshop keeps your WordPress safe from hackers

WP Security Workshop can help you repel those hacking attempts that happen every single day for just $1.00 per day.

At that price can you afford not to have the protection your website needs?

Contact us today and protect your website!