Bad stuff always happens to other businesses … other people … until it’s your turn and then it happens to you!

WP Security Workshop – affordable updating, monitoring and security solutions for your WordPress website

Are hackers probing your website right now?

Have hackers broken into your website?

Is your business and all your work being destroyed as you read this?

Would you know if it was?

Google finds around 100,000 hacked websites every month … yours could be next!

If your website is built on WordPress then your website is being probed by hackers. Every minute of every day their bots are looking for easy targets and your website could be that easy target.

If you have no security in place and / or you are not keeping your WordPress core and plugins updated then your website is vulnerable and easily hacked! 

The attacks are real and relentless

The attempts to hack into your website are automated and relentless.

Hour after hour, day after day the automated attempts to get into your website go on and on.

It doesn’t matter how big or how small your website is. It doesn’t matter what you’re doing with your websites. The attacks go on and on … they just don’t stop.

It is your responsibility to protect yourself against these attacks but do you have the time or expertise to that?

WP Security Workshop can take the burden and the worry away for just $1.00 per day.

You don’t want people to see this when they try to access your website.


WP Security Workshop can help you repel those attacks and keep your website clean and functioning properly and all for less than $1.40 per day!

Contact us today and protect your website!