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About WP Security Workshop

meOur mission is to make life easier for you by looking after the security of your website so you can do other, more interesting and profitable, things.

Hi, I’m Stuart Livesey  and I lead the team here at WP Security Workshop.

I’m a father and a grandfather and by now I probably should be retired and living the life of a beach bum (I certainly live in the right place to do that) but I’m driven to help people and share my 20 years of experience in security and 22 years experience making a living online with you so I’ve set up WP Security Workshop.

We are a distributed business with our headquarters in Queensland, Australia. My team has a combined total of over 60 years experience in web design and website security.

My security training and experience comes from 20 years spent in a career that involved security in a law enforcement environment before I came to the Internet.

With our experience my team and I know that security is all about getting the little things right … it’s the detail and preparedness that counts when you’re dealing with an enemy you can’t see and often struggle to detect.

That’s the experience we bring to every one of our client’s websites. We take nothing for granted, we pay attention to detail. We also know that there are no big wins in this business … just another little victory every day we keep hackers out of the websites we protect and that’s why we are very good at what we do.

We certainly don’t promise you that we can keep every hacker out of your site. That wouldn’t be a promise, it would be a lie, but what we do promise is that we will do all that we can to make access to your website so hard to crack that most hackers will quickly give up and go in search of easier targets and those that continue to probe your site will struggle to find a way in.

So sign up for our service … I guarantee that we will deliver the best level of service because that is what you deserve.

Oh … and as for the beach bum bit … well I’m half way there. The beach is five minutes down the road and one day I’ll make the transition but for now it’s far more interesting and challenging to help people like you keep your website safe.