Tune into reality – don’t trust anyone

I first started working online back in 1996 … yep I’ve been around longer than Google has and in that time, I have learned one major lesson that has kept my computers free of ransomware, malware and trojans.

What is that one major lesson? Don’t trust anyone.

Don’t trust your wife.

Don’t trust your husband.

Don’t trust your parents or your siblings.

Don’t trust your boss.

Don’t trust the people you work with.

Don’t trust anyone who sends you attachments that you weren’t expecting. Don’t trust people who send you lots of attachments either … you know, those people who send you jokes and other time wasting rubbish.

Trust no one

Why shouldn’t you trust them? Because any one of them … even members of your family … could unwittingly be sending you some nasty little monster that is going to destroy your files and ruin your business before you’ve blinked.

You never know when someone you trust is going to end up with an infected computer and, as soon as they do, their computer will start spewing out emails and messages in an effort to infect as many other computers as it can.

If you’re not expecting an attachment from someone … and one arrives … scan it before you open it or contact the sender and ask them if they really have sent you an email with an attachment. And don’t open it till you have an answer.

Attachments can destroy your business in the blink of an eye

If you get lots of emails and attachments from family members just don’t bother opening them at all because it’s like playing Russian Roulette. Sooner or later one of those attachments that’s usually full of jokes or political garbage will be full of nasty things that will ruin more than just your day.

I know that can be hard … not opening those rubbish emails that come from family members is so rude … but what would you rather be, rude and safe or nice and trying to salvage something from a hard drive that has been turned into a brick?

Your business is too important to risk it by opening every attachment that arrives in your inbox.

Links can be very dangerous too

Your business is also too important to risk it by clicking on every link that someone sends you.

Yes, I know that we have been conditioned to click on links. We want to know what is on the other end of those links and we just have to do it … we just have to click on them … we’ve almost been brainwashed into clicking on link … but be strong.

Don’t do it! Don’t be tempted by offers that are too good to be true.

Don’t be tempted by lurid headlines about the latest star’s naked anatomy.

Don’t be tempted because you’re being told to “Click Here and you could win a gazillion dollars!”

Don’t be tempted because any one of those links could lead to a website that will instantly download a pile of malware and trojans and you won’t have time to stop it from happening.

These days I only click on links that are important to my business, my hobbies, my family and my interest in current affairs. I work hard at ignoring all the other links that I come across. That may sound strange but …

The net is not a fun place anymore

The Internet used to be a fun place to go surfing and discover new things but these days the risk of dropping into a website that is loaded up with piles of nasty trojans is just too great. Even the websites of reputable banks have been infected so it’s time to treat the Internet as a very dangerous place.

It’s time to treat the Internet like a minefield and make sure you do all you can to avoid stepping on something that is going to explode in your face.

So, there is the next thing that you can do to avoid ransomware. Stop thinking that the Internet is a wonderful place to be and start thinking that every link that someone sends to you is a potential threat.

And start thinking that every attachment that you receive could be the one that will unleash a torrent of nasty stuff that will lock up your files, ruin your computer and destroy your business.

Your survival is in your hands

Teach yourself to have the right mindset and you will survive.

Fool yourself into thinking that nothing could possibly go wrong and your tears will join the torrents that are being generated every day by people who have been hit with viruses, trojans and ransomware and have lost everything.