There are errors hiding in the code that runs your WordPress website. Only good website security can keep you and your business safe from hackers who will exploit those errors.If you own a business … large or small … you probably have a website for that business because, if for no other reason, these days a website adds credibility to your business.

Unfortunately having a website also leaves you vulnerable to attacks by hackers but how bad is that risk of attack?

Well back in 2013 it was estimated that 30,000 websites are hacked every day … and you can be sure that number has continued to increase.

So why are the numbers so high? Obviously many hackers find their way into websites because of lack of security. Easily cracked username and password combinations would have to rank right up there as one of the major ways hackers find their way in and there are plenty of other ways that hackers use to get into a website.

Any website that’s built on a content management system … and a huge number of websites are built on content management systems … have potentially thousands of vulnerabilities built right into the code that goes to make up the software that runs each website.

Thousands of coding errors that hackers can exploit

How can there possibly be so many vulnerabilities in that software?

To answer that let’s take a look at the most popular content management system of all … WordPress. However, I should say right now that I’m not about to bash WordPress; what I say here can be applied to every content management system … they are all vulnerable.

Every website built on WordPress requires the WordPress core to be installed on a server and that is just the beginning. A plain WordPress website is an ugly thing to see and most people would not bother to look around if they landed on a website that was built on nothing but the WordPress core so we need to add a theme to give the website some personality … to make it look pretty.

But even that is not enough because, no matter how pretty a website that has the WordPress core and theme installed might look, it still lacks functionality. It might look pretty but it can’t do much so every website built on WordPress needs a number of plugins to be added to the mix to give it the functionality that people expect.

So now we have a website that’s built on WordPress, a theme to make the site look attractive and any number of plugins that make the website function and all those components are built using code … lines and lines of code.

Thousands of coding errors in your WordPress website

The WordPress core has over 484,000 lines of code. The average WordPress theme has over 36,000 lines of code and the average number of lines of code that go to make up the plugins that we use is anybody’s guess

So for every website that’s out there that’s built on WordPress … and that includes your business website … there are well over 500,000 lines of code and that is an important number to think about.

In fact it is such an important number that it probably keeps some security specialists awake at night because of what it means and because they know that people make mistakes and people who write code make just as many mistakes as everyone else.

Experts know that when it comes to writing code most coders will make, at the minimum, five mistakes for every 1,000 lines of code that they write … and that number can go much higher.

And every mistake in the code that goes to make up the core, every mistake in the code that goes to create a theme and every mistake in the code in the plugins that are used is one more potential vulnerability that hackers can exploit.

So you can be sure that right now there are at least 2,500 errors in the code in your website and every error is a potential access point that hackers can use.

It’s not that coders are careless or that they intentionally make mistakes so hackers can gain access … it’s just that they are human and humans make mistakes. Even checking the code for mistakes does not result in perfectly clean code.

There are mistakes in every piece of code and you will never know

Every piece of code that is released for every piece of software … whether it be the WordPress core or a system to guide a rocket carrying a nuclear warhead … will have mistakes in it. Some will be harmless, some offer hackers potential exploits and some offer those hackers an open door that they can stroll through and take control of whatever is using that software.

And that’s why you need to worry about the security of your website.

You will never know how many mistakes are in the code that is running your website.

You will never have advanced warning that a hacker is about to find an exploit in the code that is running part of your website.

If you’re not paying attention then you will never know when some part of your website needs to be updated to close off an exploit that hackers are using.

If you’re not monitoring your website every day you may never know that a hacker has gained control of your website and is now using it for his own dishonest purposes.

That’s why you need to take the time to worry about the security of your website … you need to focus on the security of your website or … if you don’t have that time … you need to pay a trusted security service to take care of your website’s security for you.

Sure it’s going to cost you money but that cost is nothing compared to what it might cost you and your business if a hacker does find one of those 2,500 vulnerabilities that exist in your website right now.

My team at WP Security Workshop can do it for you for as little as $1.00 so shoot me an email or give me a call and let’s add some real security to your website.