Terms of Service

When you hire WP Security Workshop to secure your WordPress website we will:

  • Keep your personal and website details protected and secure
  • Limit access to your website and your website details to only WP Security Workshop staff, or other service providers, who will be working on or monitoring your website.
  • Maintain daily backups of your database and any other files that you have asked us to backup in a secure environment
  • Maintain strong usernames and passwords for our access to your website.
  • Delete all access codes once our business relationship has ended
  • Install the most effective free plugins available from the wordpress.org website and only install paid plugins at your request.
  • Ensure that only the latest versions of the plugins are installed on your WordPress website
  • Check for updates on a daily basis 7 days a week.
  • Ensure that the plugins we install are completely compatible with your WordPress website
  • Ensure that all plugins, themes and the WordPress core are updated (where possible) within 24 hours of an update becoming available.
  • Point the various alerts that may be generated by some of the plugins to an email address nominated by you once our business relationship has ended
  • Never interfere with, amend, or add to, the content of your website unless you request us to make changes or add extra content.
  • Not add links, hidden or otherwise, to your website unless you request us to do so. We neither require nor request that you link back to our website.
  • Notify you by email as soon as we become aware that there is any problem with your website
  • Give you a report every 30 days of the work that we have performed for you.
  • Be available for phone support 24/7
  • Respect and protect your privacy to the full extent of the laws of the Commonwealth of Australia and the laws of the State of Queensland.

Please note that we do not, and cannot, claim to be able to keep your website 100% secure. We will make every effort to keep your website secure but we cannot guarantee that hackers will never find their way into your website.