Old WordPress plugins can give hackers easy access to your websiteOld, broken or just worn out?

No, I’m not referring to me. What the title does refer to are many of the plugins that I come across on WordPress sites.

Plugins are those little bits of code that add functionality to a WordPress website. They can do everything from providing visitor stats to giving you additional characters to use in your posts and pages.

WordPress plugins are easy to use, you just plug them in and they start functioning. It’s that simple and, because it’s that simple, may website owners forget all about them.

They never bother to update them … and plugin updates happen frequently. Unfortunately, forgetting about your plugins and never updating them … or replacing them … is a major security risk.

Old, broken or just plain worn out plugins are an open door to hackers. Day after day as we scan our clients’ WordPress websites we see hackers probing known vulnerabilities in those old, broken or worn out plugins.

Here at WP Security Workshop we see many hackers targeting those vulnerable plugins directly.

Only this morning while scanning one client’s live website traffic I came across 20 separate attempts to break into a particular plugin. They directly targeted the backdoor that would have let them in … if it had existed … but it didn’t because we keep our clients’ plugins up to date.

In fact we update plugins within 24 hours of an update being released … and often it’s within a few hours of the release of the update.
So are your plugins all up to date?

Have you got any in there that are old, broken or just worn out and are giving hackers easy access to your website?

If you’re not sure and don’t know how to check then contact me and I can have a look for you and let you know what needs to be done.