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The hacker threat to your website is relentless

“Hacking attempts across the globe are likely to top one billion in the final quarter of 2012, according to estimations by the NCC Group”

That was 2012, this is 2018 and numbers are much higher!

“Who would want to hack my website?”

We hear that every day from small business people and the next line is always the same.

“There’s nothing in my website anyone would want to take.”

People don’t realise that we’re not dealing with thieves that might break into your store in the real world. Here in cyberspace things are different.

It’s not what a hacker can take from your website … it’s what they can put into your website that’s important.

Trojans and spam emails all coming out of your website

When a hacker accesses your site he or she can fill it full of trojans so that anyone who visits your site ends up with an infected computer that becomes part of the hacker’s botnet.

When a hacker accesses your site he or she can add code so that your website can start spewing out hundreds of thousands of spam emails … and they all look as though they came from you.

You can’t imagine just how much damage those trojans and spam emails can do to your business … they can destroy it in a matter of days!

The damage hackers cause can destroy your business.

When Google finds a website that is dropping trojans on visitors it removes the website from the listings and it puts up big warning signs that scare people away.

How will people find your website if Google won’t list it?

When your website starts sending out hundreds of thousands of spam emails your site is flagged by a number of email monitors.

Your inbound email is blocked … your outbound email is blocked. No one gets your important messages and you don’t get anything from outside.

You’re isolated!

How do they get in?

There are two ways that most hackers will access your website.

1. Hackers just love simple username and password combinations. Make it simple and they will be inside your website in seconds!

2. Old versions of the WordPress core, the theme and plugins make your website vulnerable.

How do you keep the hackers out?*

You can keep most hackers out by doing two simple things:

1. You can use strong usernames and passwords … not usernames and passwords that can be cracked in a matter of seconds. Using strong usernames and passwords is simple and it is something you can do yourself.

2. You can make sure that you have the latest versions of the WordPress core, your Theme and plugins is the other thing that you can do … if you have the time and know how to keep those things updated.

Updates come thick and fast … two to three times a week is not uncommon and when those updates are released you need to update them as soon as possible.

You can’t put them off because you’re too busy and you can’t forget about them because those updates are released to fix coding issues that hackers are already exploiting.

But I’m too busy and I’m not sure what I have to do

If you’re too busy or not sure what you have to do to keep everything on your website updated then we can help.

For less than $1.40 per day or $40.00 a month we can give you the protection your website needs.

We will check your website every day and free you from the burden of doing those updates.


Contact us today let us take care of your website security.


*You can never keep hackers out forever but you can make it so hard for them to get in that they will go looking for easier sites to hack.