Discover why WordPress plugins can become an open door for hackers to use to access your websiteIf your website is built on WordPress when was the last time you updated the WordPress plugins that are part of your website?

Did your web developer even tell you that the plugins in your website would need to be updated? Sadly, many developers never say a word about important details like that.

If your site is like many of the websites that I come across then the answer to the first question I asked is “Never” or “Rarely” and that is not good because you are leaving your website open to hackers.

Plugins are an important part of any WordPress website. They add important functionality to your website and, without them, your website would be rather bland and not attractive to anyone who visits your site.

So, it’s important that we have these plugins but, as I said a moment ago, they can be an open door to any would-be hacker who wants to break into your site. Some of the biggest website security breaches in history have happened because hackers found their way into the websites through plugins that had never been updated.

Of course, no plugin developer sets out to produce a plugin that is a security threat but over time that’s something else that just about every plugin can add to your website.

Plugins don’t age like fine wine … instead they age more like a piece of rusty old iron and develop gaping holes that hackers can exploit.

And they do exploit them. Every day, when I’m scanning my clients’ website traffic I see signs of hackers who are targeting known exploits in old versions of a variety of plugins.

To overcome that problem most developers update their plugins on a regular basis but those updates don’t automatically flow through to the plugins on your website. You have to go into the backend of your WordPress website and update them manually.

It’s not a difficult task, it’s just a click of a button and it doesn’t take much time at all. The website will even tell you when there are plugins in the site that need to be updated so why do so many website owners not do their updates?