Affordable security solutions for your WordPress website

What we do to secure your website*

Here are the steps we take to to protect your WordPress website.

The initial setup
When you hire us we will:

  • Check your website for any intrusions that may have already occurred.
  • Do a complete survey that will identify any potential security threats
  • Look at the condition of your website and give you a full report.
  • Do a complete backup of your website’s database and website before we do anything else.
  • Update the WordPress core and theme if required and bring all out-of-date plugins up to the latest release.
  • Install a suite of security plugins that will harden your site and make it more difficult for hackers to gain access.***

The plugins we use are all freely available from the WordPress site. If you want us to install a paid plugin we will pass the cost of that plugin on to you.

Ongoing monitoring and updates
Ongoing monitoring and updates will include:

  • Updating the WordPress core, theme and/or plugins within 24 hours of those updates becoming available.
  • Daily monitoring of all alerts generated by the security plugins that we have installed on your website.
  • Conducting a daily scan of live traffic data to detect any hackers who are slipping through the regular security net.
  • Downloading and storing database updates each day – these database downloads are kept for a period of 2 calendar months.
  • Producing a monthly report for you that will outline the work that we have done for you in the previous period.

*What we need to make clear*
No matter how much work we do for you, or the plugins we use, we cannot guarantee that your website will not be hacked.

Nothing online is 100% secure and nothing will keep the best hackers out.****

However the harder we make it for a hacker to access your website the more likely it is that any hacker will give up and move on to easier targets.


Contact us today and let’s keep the hackers out.


***Specific plugins may vary depending on several factors including the size of your website and the level of information your users/clients may pass to you via your website.

****If the worst does happen and a hacker does gain access we can arrange to have the malicious code located and removed from your website.