No Email = No Website

From nothing for 3 months to back online within 24 hours

the sort of warning sign you don't want to see when you go to your website

When website owners don’t pay their hosting bill it’s a fairly good sign that they have either moved to another host or decided to close their website down.

Like all good hosts my partner’s hosting business sends a reminder and if nothing is paid the files are deleted from the server and we move on.

And that was pretty much what my partner did for a small business client when they didn’t respond to the account or the reminder.

What happened to my website?

Then one day my partner received a phone call from the owners of that business. They had suddenly realised that they had not received one single email from their website for the last three months.

After some discussion the site owners paid the account and asked that their website be restored … but there was one slight problem, there was nothing to restore.

After three months the files on the server were long gone. We only hold daily database backups for our clients for two months and my partner had deleted all the files she had used to build the site when it seemed obvious that the client no longer required her services.

How could we rebuild their website with nothing to work with?

Of course we could have told them that they would need a new website but, we live in the same town, we drive by their business every day, we see them in the supermarket … we know that business has been a bit slow for them and paying for a new website would put a big hole in their cashflow.

So we said, “Sure we can get your site back on line.” 

And began scratching our collective heads to try and work out how we could achieve that.

We found a secret sauce

I’m not going to tell you how we did it but, with nothing to work on from our files, we had their site back online in 24 hours.

We may not be able to work miracles like that all the time. But, if you’ve lost your website because you forgot to pay a hosting bill, we just might be able to resurrect it for you. 

Contact us and let’s see if we can help you.